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Register of scrutinies on the election of Masters and Fellows, 1702 - 1886

Reference Code: GBR/1936/THAR/1/2/2

Scope and Contents

Volume containing letters from those wishing to be considered for fellowship or Mastership. Also contains letter in support of their application.

/1 Resignation of Owen Hughes, Jan. 1701/2
/2 Election of Henry Penrice, LLB , May 1702
/3 Election of Robert Mapletoft LLB, Jan. 1702/3
/4 Election of George Bramston LLD, Feb. 1702/3
/5 Resignation of William Clements, Dec. 1704
/6 Election of Francis Dickens LLB, Jan. 1704/5
/7 Scrutiny for election in locum Charles Pinfold, Jan 1705/6
/8 Resignation of Charles Pinfold, Aug. 1705
/9 Election of John Andrew, Jan 1705/06
/10 Election of Clement Cottrell, Jun.1709
/11 Election of Sir Nathaniel Lloyd as Master, Jun.1710
/12 Election of Henry Squire – replaced Ralph Gilbert (deceased) Jan.1711
/13 Election of William Warren LLB - replaced Tindule (deceased) Sep. 1712
/14 Election of Exton Sayer LLB - replaced Dr Penrice, May.1714
/15 Election of George Oxenden LLB - replaced Mapletoft (deceased) Jan 1715
/16 Election of William Crowe, Jan 1715
/17 Election of Richard Pacey replaced - Sir C. Cottrell, May. 1716
/18 Election of John Cooper - replaced Dr Exton (deceased), May.1716
/19 Election of Wharton Peck – replaced Dr Paul, Jan.1717
/20 Resignation of William Crowe, Feb 1722
/21 Scrutiny on election on Crowe’s vacancy, between John Francis and William Cottrell. No election, Feb.1722/23 – a second scrutiny – 5 votes for John Garthorne
/22 Third Scrutiny on election John Saunders LLB, Thomas Price LLB and John Allen A.B. no date
/23 Nomination by Sir N. Lloyd of Philip Nicholls M.A. to replace Crowe, Apr.1723
/24 Pension of Exton Sayer, Feb.1723/24
/25-27 Scrutiny of the election of Henry Monson and Timothy Fysh LLB Apr.1714
/28 Nomination and admission of Henry Monson, Apr.1714
/29 Election of Edward Simpson replaced Dr Brookbank, May.1724
/30 Agreement between master & fellows to proceed on March 2nd then next, to select in room of Cooper (married) the month for lapse to count from that day, Jan 1724/25
/31 Scrutiny of the election Francis James and Rowe Newell, Mar,1725
/32 Another, Apr.1725
/33 Nomination by Sir N. Lloyd of Thomas Tenison LLB replaced John Cooper, Apr.1725
/34 Election of John Chetwode LLB - replaced Jacob Johnson (deceased) Mar.1727/28
/35 Election of Francis James - replaced Tenison, Apr.1728
/36 Nomination by Sir N.Lloyd of Charles Pinfold – replaced Pacey (deceased) Mar.1730
/37 Election of Wadham Knatchbull LLB – replaced Philip Nichols, Nov.1731
/38 Election of Richard Calvert – replaced Wharton Peck, Nov.1731
/39 Scrutiny resulting in election of Thomas Salusbury – replaced Dr S.Cottrell Oct.1732
/40 Another
/41 Election of Robert Dale – replaced Dr Squire, Jan.1733/34
/42 Election of Charles Beridge – replaced Dr Chetwode (deceased) Jan.1733/34
/43 Election of Matthew Robinson – replaced Dr James (deceased) Jan 1733/34
/44-44b Resignation of Sir N. Lloyd, Oct.1735
/45 Election of Edward Simpson LLB as Master - replaced Lloyd, Nov.1735.
/46 Election of Edward Miller- replaced Dr Simpson (promoted) Dec.1735.
/47 Mater Simpson to Dr Dickins requesting him to admit whom he understands to be elected fellow, Nov 1735
/48 Election of Ambrose Dickins, Jun.1738
/49 Letter from the master to admit A. Dickins (no date)
/50 Election of William Ridlington – replaced Wadham Knatchbull
/51 Letter from Richard Calvert to the Master, announcing his marriage – forwarded same day to Dr Warren, vacancy declared by him Dec.9, Dec . 1741
/52-52b Letter from Richard Calvert to Warren, as to keeping his name on the boards, Dec.1741
/53 Election and admission of W. Strahan – replaced Calvert (married)
/54 Election of William Wynne - replaced Francis Dickins (married) Jun.1755
/55 Election of Claude Crespigny – replaced H.Monson (deceased) Mar.1757
/56 Election of Stanhope Pedley - replaced Claude Crespigny Mar.1764
/57 Election of James Marriott LLB as Master – replaced Sir Edward Simpson LLD (deceased) June.1764
/58 Election of John Gally LLB, July.1764
/59 Election of Richard Calvert - replaced Ansell (deceased) Oct.1766
/60 Election of Edward Gregory - replaced Ridlington (deceased) Nov.1770
/61 Election of Joseph Jowettt - replaced Hallifax Nov. 1775
/62 Election of Nash Grose - replaced Edward Milles (deceased)
/63 Election of Charles Sandiford – replaced Edward Gregory (resigned) Apr.1776
/64 Election of John Bigge Thornton – replaced Peter Calvert (resigned) Jan.1779
/65 Election of Simon de Blanc – replaced Nash Grose LLB (married) Jan.1779
/66 Election of Henry Gally – replaced J.B. Thornton (deceased) Feb.1780
/67 Election of Christopher – replaced Charles Sandiford (resigned) Apr.1781
/68 Election of Barne Barne LLB – replaced Francis Simpson (deceased) Dec.1781
/69 Election of James Shipton – replaced Henry Gally (married) Apr.1784
/70 Election of Francis john Hyde Wollaston A.B – replaced Christopher Atkinson A.M (married) Oct.1785
/71 Election of Snowdon Barne LLB – replaced Robert Dale LLD (deceased) Feb.1787
/72 Election of William Battine LLD – replaced Richard Calvert (married) Feb.1787
/73 Election of John Vickers A.M – replaced Wollaston (married) Nov.1793
/73 overleaf – memorandum that after the scrutiny on Nov 1793 it was discovered that Vickers was ineligible by reason of his holding a small benefice with care of souls: that he resigned his benefice and another scrutiny was had on him
/74 Election of John Vickers – replaced Wollaston, Nov.1793
/75 Election of Thomas Bourdillon B.A. – replaced Joseph Jowett (resigned) Oct.1796
/76 Election of William Adams (LLD) – replaced Sir Simon Le Blanc (resigned) Dec 1799
/77 Election of Thomas le Blanc LLB – replaced Matthew Robinson (deceased) Dec.1800
/78 Election of John Walker A.M – replaced J. Bourdillon (resigned) Apr.1802
/79 Election of Lewis Duval LLB – replaced Stanhope Pedley (deceased) Oct.1802
/80 Election of Rt.Hon. Sir William Wynne LLD to be Master – replaced Sir James Marriot (deceased) Apr.1803
/81 Nomination by Sir W. Wynne of Charles Beevor LLB – replaced Wynne (promoted) May.1803
/82 Election of John Woodfield Compton (A.M) – replaced William Adams LLD (married) Oct.1803
/83 Nomination by Sir W.Wynne of George Howes M.A. – replaced Vickers (deceased) Feb.18 1804
/84 Election of Robert Haselfort LLB – replaced J.Galley-Knight (deceased) Nov.1804
/85 Nomination of Thomas Edwards – replaced J. Robinson (deceased) Nov.1805
/86 Nomination of James William Geldart – replaced Howes Oct.1809
/87 Nomination of Augustus Gostling LLD. – replaced Thomas Edwards (married) Dec.1811
/88 Nomination of Henry Hutchins – replaced John Walker (resigned) Sep.1812
/89 Resignation of Barne Barne Dec.1813
/90 Nomination of George Bankes LLB – replaced Barne Barne (resigned) Feb.1814
/91 Nomination of Thomas Smart Hughes M.A. – replaced Hutchins (resigned) Oct.1815
/92 Resignation of Henry Hutchins, Jun.1815
/93 Nomination of John Haggard LLB – replaced Augustus Gostling (married) Nov.1815
/94 Election of Thomas le Blanc master – replaced Sir William Wynne (deceased) Dec.1815
/95 Nomination of Thomas Foreman Gape LLB – replaced Le Blanc (promoted) Feb 1816
/96 Resignation of Charles Beevor, May.1817
/97 Nomination of Thomas Blake LLD – replaced Dr Beevor, Jul.1817
/98 Nomination of Rev. James Collett Ebden B.A. – replaced T.S. Hughes, Nov.1817
/98 Overleaf – Note as to Hughes resignation
/99 Nomination of J.C. Ebden – replaced Hughes (resigned) Jul.1818
/100 Resignation of Thomas Le Blanc LLD as Master Dec. 1818
/101 Election of Thomas Le Blanc LLD as Master upon his own resignation Dec.1818
/102 Resignation of Lewis Duval Feb.1820
/103 Nomination of John Cottingham M.A. – replaced Duval (resigned) Mar.1820
/104 Nomination of Henry Vanne Salisbury LLB – replaced John Haggard (married) Nov.1820
/105 Election of Thomas Charles Geldart M.A. – replaced Sir J.W. Compton (deceased) Nov.1821
/106 Resignation of James William Geldart LLD, Dec.1821
/107 Election of George Walsh Hallam LLB – replaced Dr J. Geldart (resigned) Dec.1821
/108 Nomination of John Hancock Hall LLD – replaced Bankes, Jul.1822
/109 Election of Francis Barlow B.A. – replaced Haselfoot (married) Jan.1823
/110 Resignation of George Walsh Hallam, Mar.1824
/111 Election of William Hildyard M.A. – replaced Hallam (resigned) Apr.1824
/112 Election of Thomas Story Shedding LLB – replaced Salusbury (married) Jul.1825
/113 Notice of vacancy by death of Snowden Barne, Oct.1825
/114 Election of William Golden Lumley LLB – replaced Snowden Barne, Nov.1825
/115 Resignation T.F. Gape, May.1828
/116 Resignation of James Hill, May.1828
/117 Election of Alexander James Edmund Cockburn –replaced James Hill
/118 Election of Thomas Perham Luxmoore Hallett – replaced T.F. Gape, May.1828
/119 Nomination of Richard Croft Cawner – replaced Francis Barlow (married) Jul.1828
/120 Nomination of Rev. William Henry Hanson – replaced J.C. Ebden (married) Nov.1828
/121 Nomination Rev. Joseph Power M.A. – replaced W.H. Hanson, Feb.1829
/122 Resignation of William Hildyard, Dec.1831
/123 Nomination of Frederick Hildyard M.A. – replaced William Hildyard (resigned) Jan.1832
/124 Resignation of Thomas Story Shedding, Feb.1833
/125 Election of Herbert Jenner LLB – replaced T.S. Shedding, Feb.1833
/126 Election of Thomas Webb Greene BCL – replaced T.P.L.Hallett (married) May.1833
/127 Nomination of Peter Le Neve Foster LLB – replaced Herbert Jenner (married) Nov.1835
/128 Nomination of John Stuart Roupell LLB – replaced T.C. Geldart (married) Dec.1836
/129 Nomination of John Watts Ebden M.A. – replaced William Battine, Dec.1836
/130 Nomination of Hugh Penfold LLB – Dec.1838
/131 Nomination of John Richard Westgarth Hale M.A. – replaced T.W. Greene (married) Dec.1839
/132 Resignation of Frederick Hildyard, Mar 1840
/133 Election of William Marsh – replaced Hildyard, Apr.1840
/134 Letter from Master Le Blanc to Mr Power
/135 Nomination of John Carlew Heath – replaced Lumley (married) Dec.1840
/136 Nomination of Richard Coote – replaced J.H. Hale (married) Dec.1841
/137 Election of Rt.Hon. Sir Herbert Jenner Fust to be master – replaced Le Blanc, Feb.1843
/138 Resignation of Joseph Power, Dec.1843. His letters on the subject Nov/Dec 1843.
/139 Nomination of Rev. Henry Latham B.A. – replaced J.Power (resigned) Mar.1848
/140 Nomination of Samuel Boteler Bristowe – replaced John Cottingham, Dec.1849
/141 Resignation of A.J.E. Cockburn, Dec.1849
/142 Letter from Cockburn to master acknowledging his appointment as Hon. Fellow, Jan.1850
/143 Election of John Thomas Abdy – replaced Cockburn, Dec.1849
/144 Election of Thomas Charles Geldart M.A. as the master – replaced Sir H.J. Fust (deceased) Mar.1852
/145 Resignation of Richard Croft Chawner, Sep.1854
/146 Nomination of Edwin Whitfeld M.A. – replaced John Thomas Abdy (married) Dec.1854
/147 Nomination of Robert Campbell – replaced R.C. Chawner, Dec.1854
/148 Nomination of Leslie Stephen B.A. – replaced Stanley Walton (married) Dec.1854
/149 Resignation of John R.W. Hale, Mar.1855
/149 Overleaf - Election of John R.W. Hildyard formerly Hale to be Honorary fellow, Jun 1855
/150 Nomination of Charles Spencer Perceval LLB – replaced Hildyard (resigned) Jun.1855
/151 Nomination of Francis Fitzroy – replaced Hugh Penfold Wyatt (married) Dec.1855
/152 Nomination of Leslie Stephen A.B – replaced William Marsh, Apr.1856
/153-154 Election of George Barnes Atkinson B.A. – replaced Stephen Haush, Jun.1856
/155 Nomination of Henry Fawcett - replaced Samuel B. Bristowe (married) Dec.1856
/156 Nomination of Lumley Smith – replaced Edwin Whitfeld (married) Jun.1857
/157 Note of incorporation of Goodbehere;s Fellowship with foundation fellowship and of the admission of George Barnes Atkinson thereupon, same day – Oct.1860
/158 Instrument under the laud of Master Geldart signifying his election to be placed under the laws Statutes, Oct.1860
/159 The like by Robert Campbell, Jun.1861
/160 Election of Henry Davidson .B.A. replace Heath (married) Dec.1861
/162 Instrument under the hand of Rev. H Latham signifying his election to be placed under the laws {statutes} Dec.1862
/163 The like by Rev. Leslie Stephen, Dec.1862.
/164 Election of Robert Romer – replaced Francis Fitzroy (married) Dec.1866
/165 Resignation of Henry Fawcett due to his impending marriage, Dec.1866
/166 Election of Henry Fawcett, Dec 1866
/167 Election of Henry Denny Warr – replaced Robert Campbell (married) Dec.1867
/168 Resignation of John Stuart Roupell LLB, Dec.1867
/169 Election of William Francis Shaw BA – replaced J.S. Roupell, Dec.1867.
/170 Election of William Walton MA– replaced Carol Spencer Perceval LL.B (married) Jun.1868
/171 Election of Edward Carpenter BA – replaced Leslie Stephen (married) Jun.1868
/172 Nomination of Edward Anthony Beck MA – replaced Thomas Blake LLD (deceased) Jun.1871
/173 Election of Thomas George Osborn BA- replaced Richard Coote LLD (deceased) Dec 1871
/172 Election of John Mason Lightwood – replaced ? (married) Dec.1874
/173 Election of John William Clark – replaced Henry Davidson, Dec.1874
/174 Election of Edward Henn – replaced Thomas George Osborm, Jun.1875
/175 Election of Charles Farquhar Findlay – replaced Edward Henn, Dec.1876.
/176 Election of Henry James Sumner Maine LLD– replaced JC Geldart (deceased) Dec.1877
/177 Election of Gualterus George Bell – replaced C.F. Findlay, Dec.1879
/179 Election of Alfred William Winterslow Dale – replaced Henry Denny Warr, Dec.1880
/180 Election of Thomas Thornely – replaced William Walton, Dec. 1885.


  • Creation: 1702 - 1886


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