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Strong, Eugenie, 1860 - 1943 (nee Sellers, classical archaeologist and art historian)



  • Existence: 1860 - 1943

Dates and places

Born London 1860. Died Rome 1943.

Geographical areas

Educated in Cantal, France then Girton College, Cambridge, England 1879-82. Lived and worked in London 1884-1894; Athens, Berlin and Munich 1895-1897; Chatsworth, Derbyshire, 1897-1909; Rome 1909-1943.

Legal status / Nationality


Sphere of activity

Classical archaeologist. Librarian and Keeper of collections of Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth 1904-1909; Assistant Director of British School at Rome 1909-1925.

Admin / Family structure

Married to Sandford Arthur Strong (1897).