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Dikaios, Porphyrios, 1904-1971 (archaeologist and museum curator)


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Letter from James Stewart in Athens re Christmas dinner at the BSA and Dr Berta Segel's theories on a gold cup recently acquired by the Benaki Museum, 1935-12-25

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/24/8
Scope and Contents Addressed 'Athens', dated 25 December 1935. They have arrived at Athens from Cyprus via Rhodes. Stewart does not warm to Athens nor finds the British School (BSA) to offer congenial company. He continues his discussion of Cypriot Neolithic wares and his conviction that those thus identified by Dikaios are actually Chalcolithic. At the BSA Christmas dinner he met Dr Berta Segal, working on jewellery at the Benaki Museum, who showed him a gold cup found on Euboea which had been bought by A....
Dates: 1935-12-25

Letter from James Stewart in Cyprus re Nicosia museum visit and musings on pottery styles and influences and chronology, 1935-11-20

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/24/6
Scope and Contents Addressed 'Amiandos, Troodos, Cyprus', dated 20 November 1935. Stewart mentions Dikaeos at Nicosia Museum and the curator's Neolithic ware from Erimi. Stewart discusses the piece at length in the context of stylistic analysis and the wider archaeological literature, posing the question 'was there even a true Neolithic in the Middle East?' and continues to seek Anatolian influences. Another museum artefact of interest was a steatite 'dolly' (figurine). He observes that being immersed in the...
Dates: 1935-11-20

Letter from James Stewart in Cyprus re visiting archeological and historic sites in Cyprus and photography in Nicosia Museum, 1935-12-05 - 1935-12-06

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/24/7
Scope and Contents The letter is addressed 'Nicosia', dated 5 December 1935. Stewart thanks AJBW for alerting him to the Jerusalem job but presumes Commander Noel F. Wheeler will apply and anyway Stewart wishes to focus on travel and experience for the next few years. They are staying with the Hiltons whom they accompany to interesting sites. Stewart continues with his thoughts on Bronze Age pottery, Neolithic versus Chalcolithic identification, and tells of undertaking much photography of Bronze Age...
Dates: 1935-12-05 - 1935-12-06

Letter from James Stewart in Kyrenia, Cyprus, re details of two 'red-cross bowls' recently excavated by him at Vounos, 1937-05-12

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/24/31
Scope and Contents

Addressed "P. O. Box 13, Kyrenia', dated 12 May 1937. Stewart writes of two 'red-cross bowls' recently excavated, which he thinks evidence influence spreading outwards from Central Anatolia. He writes also with other news and thoughts about the dig. Bert Hodge Hill and Virginia Grace have been to visit the site.

Dates: 1937-05-12

Letter from James Stewart in Troy re Balikesir and Troy pottery sherd comparisons, 1936-04-26

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/24/17
Scope and Contents Addressed 'Troy', dated 26 April 1936. Stewart has finished comparing sherds from the Balikesir plain sites and Troy and describes his analysis and interpretations of the results. Eleanor has bought another - Greek islands? - embroidery. He writes of his hopes to excavate in Cyprus (Vounos or Larnaca) next year. Professor Myres has visited Troy. Stewart has some pots (ranging in date from Bronze Age to Byzantine) for restoration for Louis Clarke (then curator of the Museum of Archaeology...
Dates: 1936-04-26

Letter from James Stewart re pots for Cambridge collections and the potential rammifications of the Abyssinia Crisis on excavating in Turkey, 1936-05-19

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/24/21
Scope and Contents Dated 19 May 1936. Probably written in Istanbul. The Balikesir dig will in fact proceeed and Bittel will contribute time and equipment to the endeavour. Stewart has purchsed some pots for Cambridge, one of which he discusses in detail at the end of the letter. Dikaios is also sending material from Cyprus to Cambridge. International politics (Abyssinia Crisis) may make make several excavation sites off limits next year, including Troy. He and Eleanor have bought the Armenian embroidery at...
Dates: 1936-05-19

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