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Allen, Thomas William, 1862-1950 (classicist)


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Leaf, W., Allen, T. W. and Shewan, A. Correspondence, grouped by AJBW as 'Homerica', 1918-1922

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/22
Scope and Contents From the Series:

This series comprises letters sent to Alan Wace, with a few copies of his letters sent in reply, by archaeologists and scholars. Notable correspondents include Sophia Schliemann, Sir Arthur Evans and Carl Blegen. There are over ninety individual correspondents. Most letters pertain to archaeological research, discoveries and enquiries. Some correspondence after Alan Wace's death, undertaken by his wife Helen and daughter Lisa, is also included as it relates to posthumous publications.

Dates: 1918-1922

Letter from Thomas Allen re AJBW's article on Homer and general news, 1918-12-19

Reference Code: GBR/3437/CRFD/2/1/22/10
Scope and Contents

Allen writes that he has sent AJBW's article to Prothero. He discusses his travel plans in light of the end of the war. He acknowledges Wace's remarks on Leaf's work, then gives an update about his own research.

Dates: 1918-12-19

Letter from Thomas Allen re AJBW's article on Homer and general news, 1919-02-01

Reference Code: GBR/3437/CRFD/2/1/22/11
Scope and Contents

Allen writes that AJBW's article has been rejected by Prothero. He will now send it to other journals, including the Edinburgh Review and the Church Quarterly. He updates Wace on the state of post-war Britain, then discusses his own research and writing.

Dates: 1919-02-01

Letter from Thomas Allen re AJBW's article on Homer, general news, and mutual acquaintances , 1918-10-08

Reference Code: GBR/3437/CRFD/2/1/22/9
Scope and Contents

Allen writes that he would be glad to read AJBW's article, and gives advice on publishing it. He says that Shewan sent him Wace's memorandum on Corinth: he hopes the results are published soon. He describes his recent work to Wace, including his work on the Iliad and Strabo. He ends with general news about mutual acquaintances.

Dates: 1918-10-08

Letter from Thomas Allen re general news and Greek geography, 1919-12-20

Reference Code: GBR/3437/CRFD/2/1/22/16
Scope and Contents

Allen congratulates Wace on his return to archaeology and wishes him luck digging at Mycenae. He gives AJBW news about his family and events at college. He briefly discusses some mutual acquaintances, then updates Wace on the publication of his book. He then discusses some questions of Greek geography.

Dates: 1919-12-20

Letter from Thomas Allen re general news and Leaf's work on Homer, 1918-09-11

Reference Code: GBR/3437/CRFD/2/1/22/8
Scope and Contents

Allen writes to acknowledge a document sent from AJBW to Shewan, and from Shewan on to him. He asks AJBW about his recent activities and recounts his meeting with the master of Wace's college. He briefly mentions the excavations at Corinth, then discusses several recent publications by Walter Leaf. He asks AJBW's opinion on several matters concerning the geography of the Iliad.

Dates: 1918-09-11

Letter from Thomas Allen re general news and questions about Homeric geography, 1919-03-17

Reference Code: GBR/3437/CRFD/2/1/22/14
Scope and Contents

Allen writes to invite AJBW to stay in Oxford. He says that he is delighted that Harold Cox accepted Wace's article. He then updates Wace on his research and asks several questions about Mycenaean occupation at sites in Greece. He shares his theories about the route of Agamemnon's journey from Troy, and asks whether Wace has come across a place called Orman.

Dates: 1919-03-17

Letter from Thomas Allen re research in Thessaly and general news, 1919-06-16

Reference Code: GBR/3437/CRFD/2/1/22/15
Scope and Contents

Allen thanks AJBW for sending him information about Thessaly. He updates Wace on his recent work and recounts the end of the term at Oxford.

Dates: 1919-06-16