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Coxhead, Frank Arthur, fl. 1870-1893 (photographer)



  • Existence: fl. 1870 - 1893


Frank Arthur Coxhead was, with his brothers Harry and William, a well-known photographer in Dunedin until the 1890s. The earliest mention of the Coxhead Brothers is their entry in the Directory of 1870. It is not known whether Frank began photography prior to moving to Dunedin or once he had arrived there. Despite the brothers firm name, Coxhead Brothers, being well-known in New Zealand, details about the individuals are scarce. A firm of architects records building of a house for Frank A. Coxhead in Duncan Street in 1883, which could indicate success in business. In an 1890 edition of the New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition Gazette, F.A. Coxhead advertised the opening of his 'Grand Photo Gallery and Parlors' in Princes Street. In Stone's Directory for 1893 Frank Coxhead is listed as being in business at the same address, with a private residence elsewhere. Frank, like his brothers, did his best work in portraiture photography although he also undertook topographical work.


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