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Stubbings, Frank Henry, 1915-2005 (archaeologist)



Stubbings was educated at the Perse School, Cambridge, and Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he was awarded a First in Classics, the Porson Prize for Greek verse composition and the Chancellor's Medal for Classics. He joined the British School at Athens in 1937-8 to excavate Mycenaean material at Ithaca and then in 1939 at Mycenae. During World War II he served in the British legation at Athens and then at the British embassy to the Greek government in Cairo. In 1945 he resumed a research fellowship at Emmanuel College, to which he had originally been appointed for 3 years in June 1939 just before the outbreak of war. Completing his PhD in 1948 ('Mycenaean Pottery from the Levant', CUP 1951), he was appointed to a University of Cambridge lectureship in 1949 where he remained until formal retirement in 1980. With A.J.B. Wace he was joint editor of the 'Companion to Homer' (Macmillan, 1962). He was University Orator 1974-1982, Emmanuel College Librarian 1959-1980 and honorary keeper of special collections at Emmanuel College library from 1980 to September 2000.

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:


Archaeology Correspondence (misc.) 1953 - 1958 , 1953-01-21 - 1958-12-11

Reference Code: GBR/3437/WDTR/4/1/1
Scope and Contents This file pertains to correspondence between Lord Taylour and scholars concerning such topics as the publication of books and articles (specifically Taylour's 'Mycenaean Pottery in Italy and Adjacent Areas' (1958)), discussion of academic (chiefly archaeological) theories and works, Lord Taylour's slide collection, including the numerous hours spent putting them together (12 hours in one day, in one letter!), as well as family life, schedules and personal health. Lord Taylour, for instance,...
Dates: 1953-01-21 - 1958-12-11

Letter from Frank Stubbings re Daniel's arguments about dating at Mycenae, 1948-05-07

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/19/40
Scope and Contents

Stubbings writes with his opinions on Daniel's letter about Mycenae dating. He includes a close critique of Daniel's arguments, noting where he has misused AJBW's work. He details his own opinions on the dating of the Granary and the Treasury of Atreus. He advises AJBW that it would be unfortunate for Daniel to publish his opinions on Mycenae dating with reference to AJBW's BSA XXV. He ends with some general news

Dates: 1948-05-07

Letter from Frank Stubbings re his studentship at the British School and his work on Mycenaean pottery in Attica, 1937-12-14

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/19/34
Scope and Contents

Stubbings writes to update AJBW on his studentship at the British School at Athens. He describes his work on Mycenaean pottery: he has studied the pots in the National Museum and identified Attic ware. He discusses mutual acquaintances at the American and German Schools and updates Wace on his recent travels.

Dates: 1937-12-14

Letter from Frank Stubbings re his studies of Mycenaean pottery and general news, 1938-03-25

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/19/37
Scope and Contents

Stubbings answers AJBW's questions on Mycenaean pottery in Attica. He first discusses whether the Tell el Amarna style is Attic, then offers his thoughts on Cypriot Mycenaean pottery. Stubbings tells Wace that he has received permission from Kyparissis to publish some of the pots from Marathon. He gives updates on mutual acquaintances and his recent travels. He ends with a note on the possible Rhodian origin of Mycenaean pottery at Syracuse.

Dates: 1938-03-25

Letter from Frank Stubbings re ivories from Mycenae and the Mycenaean pottery from Ialysos, 1946-10-09

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/19/39
Scope and Contents

Stubbings writes with updates on several mutual acquaintances in Cambridge. He reminds Wace to send him a print of the Mycenae ivory group to include in an upcoming article. He includes a drawing of a miniature ivory column from Mycenae, with bibliographic references, saying that AJBW had asked for the information a while back. He then discusses the recent publication of the Ialysos excavations and the dating of the pottery.

Dates: 1946-10-09

Letter from Frank Stubbings re Mycenaean pottery at Marathon and Prosymna, 1938-03-08

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/19/36
Scope and Contents

Stubbings updates AJBW on his studies of Mycenaean pottery in Attica. He describes the finds from Sotiriadis' tomb in Marathon and offers his interpretation. Stubbings says that he has seen Blegen and gained access to the Prosymna pots. He has studied these closely and discovered a group of stirrup jars that show the origins of the Close Style. He describes their decoration in detail.

Dates: 1938-03-08

Letter from Frank Stubbings re Mycenaean pottery from Mesogeia in Attica , December 1937-March 1938

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/19/35
Scope and Contents

Stubbings thanks AJBW for his help with the Worts Fund application. He updates Wace on his work on Attic Mycenaean pottery: he has been working on the pots from Kyparissis' chamber tombs. He laments the lack of publication and the poor storage conditions, before offering his observations on some unusual forms that show links with the Dodecanese. He ends with some questions about the chamber tombs at Mycenae.

Dates: December 1937-March 1938

Mycenae 1939 F. H. S., 1939

Reference Code: GBR/3437/MCNE/1/1/24
Scope and Contents Excavation notebook for the Archaic Temple and Prinaria compiled by F. H. Stubbings. Includes section drawings, sketch plans and sketches of pottery and metal small finds throughout. Records the number of workmen, women, boys and girls excavating in each area by day (e.g. Thursday 24 August, 4 men, 3 girls). Drawings of inscribed tiles on pp. 49 and 51. At the back, with the notebook turned upside down, are notes on sherds excavated from the Archaic Temple (north terrace and Prinaria areas),...
Dates: 1939

Mycenae 1952 F. H. S., 1952-1953

Reference Code: GBR/3437/MCNE/1/1/42
Scope and Contents 1952 Excavation Notebook for Grave Circle tests, City Wall test, Tsekoura tests compiled by Frank Stubbings. Daily account of test trench excavation, includes a trench plan of Tsekouratest trench 6 at ff. 29-30, a draft and second attempt of triangulation of Rhyton Well on ff. 31-32. Some papse notes included, as well as a sketched whimsical reconstruction of a three story Mycenaean palace building on f. 33.v and 34r. At the back of the notebook there is a grid record of zembilia (basket)...
Dates: 1952-1953

Mycenae 1952 W. D. Taylour, 1952

Reference Code: GBR/3437/MCNE/1/1/43
Scope and Contents 1952 Excavation Notebook compiled by Lord William Taylour, with a daily account of excavation in ink on r., and associated sketch plans and sections drawings in pencil on v., for Tsekoura, Prehistoric Cemetery Central, Prehistoric Cemetery South, Hellenistic Gymnasium. Text annotated with unit, small find and pot numbers. Papse notes ff. 80- 94. Index to sherds kept, stored in the Nauplion Museum at the time, on f. 56. At the back, with the notebook turned upside down, a 21 page summary of...
Dates: 1952

Thesis: Corespondence (Stubbings, Board of Graduate Studies), 1951-01 - 1956-06

Reference Code: GBR/3437/WDTR/6/3/13
Scope and Contents

Correspondence between the University of Cambridge Board of Graduate Studies (BoGs) and Taylour regarding the formalities of registering and proceeding as a graduate student. Also correspondence between Taylour and his supervisor Dr Frank Stubbings, commenting and advising on Taylour's progress in studying Mycenaean pottery in museums in Italy and Greece. Also leaves of notes and Mycenaean pottery sketches. Printed leaves of BoGs regulations.

Dates: 1951-01 - 1956-06

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