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Chadwick, John, 1920 -1998 (classical philologist, lexicographer and Linear B scholar)



  • Existence: 1920 - 1998

Found in 8 Collections and/or Records:


Letter from AJBW to John Chadwick, re measurements of jars and recent publications, 1956-12-21

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/4/2
Scope and Contents

Wace reports the measurements of giant stirrup jars from Zygouries. He agrees that the Iolkos finds are very important. He then recounts recent discoveries by Marinatos, including beads, seals, daggers, swords, and pottery at a beehive tomb. He discusses the archaeologists reviewing Chadwick's Documents, before mentioning the Michael Ventris Memorial. He ends by discussing some recently published papers.

Dates: 1956-12-21

Letter from John Chadwick re jar measurements and finds at Iolkos, 1956-11-03

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/4/1
Scope and Contents

Chadwick mentions tributes to Michael Ventris. He writes that the measurements of jars will be useful for the second edition of Documents. The average of 12.39 litres matches the value proposed for the liquid unit. He then says that Theocharis's finds at Iolkos support his own linguistic arguments about the preservation of the epic tradition. Homeric epic seems to have been preserved in Thessaly. He ends by dismissing Marinatos's writing on the Cadmeian letters.

Dates: 1956-11-03

Letter from John Chadwick re reviews of 'Documents' ('Documents in Mycenaean Greek'), 1957-02-20

Reference Code: GBR/3437/AJBW/2/1/4/3
Scope and Contents

Chadwick thanks Wace for the jar measurements and suggests a thorough investigation of the different sizes and their relations to metric signs. He then discusses responses to Documents, focusing on Beattie's refusal to accept that Linear B is Greek. He ends with a discussion of some tablet fragments found at Knossos, which list types of armour and suggests Greek equivalents for some Linear B terms.

Dates: 1957-02-20

Mycenae, Citadel House, WDT Notes and Comments on Excavation Notebook Typescripts for Gamma 21, 22, 23 for the excavations of1959 to1969 inclusive, 1970 - 1984

Reference Code: GBR/3437/WDTR/1/6/26
Scope and Contents

At the front of this file of WDT notes and comments on Gamma 21, 22, and 23, for the excavation years 1959 to 1969 inclusive, is a letetr from John Chadwickre Mycenaean workshops, hearths and Linear B tablets referencing a corn-goddess Potnia.

Dates: Other: 1970 - 1984

Recent Mycenaean Data, 1961 - 1982

Reference Code: GBR/3437/WDTR/1/7/14
Scope and Contents Brief typescript notes by WDT on articles recently read, Report on Petrological Characterisations of Early Aegean Ceramics Summary of Dated Chamber Tombs Mycenaean Geography Colloquium provisional programme with Linear B hand out and Glossary, undated, convened by John Chadwick 1 monochrome photograph of a map of Mycenae from Steffan's article Late Bronze Age Wreck near the Gulf of Adalya, 1960, notes of a report from Joan du Plat Taylor and a handwritten letter...
Dates: Other: 1961 - 1982

'The Mycenaeans', First (typed) draft and penultimate version, 1962

Reference Code: GBR/3437/WDTR/5/4/2
Scope and Contents Typescript First Draft of the chapters on Writing, Chronology, Religion, Peace and War, History, annotated in ink by WDT with additional notes and comments by Lisa French and Frank Stubbings inserted as separate, smaller leaves of paper. Followed by Penultimate Versions on Written Sources: Linear B and Tradition - one copy of which has John Chadwick's comments in pencil and an accompanying typescript letter dated 18 December 1962, followed by the Penultimate Version of the chapters...
Dates: 1962

'The Mycenaeans', Reviews, 1964 - 1983

Reference Code: GBR/3437/WDTR/5/4/13
Scope and Contents

Handwritten letter from John Chadwick dated 15 March 1983, thanking WDT for a copy of the revised book.
Reviews from academic journals and the popular press.

Dates: 1964 - 1983

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