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Kempton, Albert Ernest, 1911-2000 (physicist)



Albert Ernest Kempton (1911-2000) was the last of Ernest Rutherford's research students at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. After taking a First in Part 2 Physics at Cambridge in 1933, he joined the research on deuterons as a member of M.L.E Oliphant's team. In 1938 he joined the 'cyclotron team', working with W.B. Lewis. During the Second World War Kempton worked on the development of radar, particularly for coastal defence. In 1945 he returned to the Cavendish as a lecturer and remained there for the rest of his career. As a Fellow of Christ's College, he was deeply involved in College affairs and remained on the College Council for thirty-five years. Kempton died on 17 April 2000.