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Đorđević, Irinej, 1894-1952 (Bishop)



  • Existence: 1894 - 1952


Born Milan Djordjevic, took the monastic name of Irinej in 1915 when leaving military service during the first World War. Coming to England in 1916, he completed a dissertation "The religious disputes of the 16th century" at Oxford, before being ordained a Deacon in 1919 and going to the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Athens, where he received his doctorate in 1924.

He was ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Srem in the Belgrade Cathedral on 25 November 1928 on 2 October in 1931 he was elected Bishop of Dalmatia. Between 1935 and 1938 he administered the American-Canadian Diocese, following the death of Bishop Mardarije, until a successor was chosen.

Interned by the Italy during the second World War.

From Italy he went to America, where he carried out parish duties in Steubenville, Ohio, and was also a professor of the Seminary in the monastery of St. Sava in Libertyville.

Returned to England in 1949 and worked at the University of Cambridge. He was one of the founders of the Association of Serbian Writers Abroad in 1951.

He died in Cambridge on 27 August 1952 and was buried in London's Brompton Cemetery.